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Developer and distributor of FAST-EDY for IBM mainframe CICS systems

If you are an IBM mainframe CICS programmer or database administrator you can now Edit Data Yourself with Fast-EDY.

This IBM mainframe CICS data utility software lets you get at CICS defined VSAM and IMS/DL1 file data - FAST.

Fast-EDY runs on-line in your CICS environment as a CICS transaction. It is intended for use by CICS technicians that need to examine specific pieces of CICS defined data without shutting down the system to do it. With this data tool you can examine CICS data, live and on-line.

Not only can you search for and examine data records, but you can actually edit the data as well. Fast-EDY allows you to perform any CICS file command on a VSAM or IMS/DL1 dataset. It is great for finding questionable data, researching dataset content, examining records in character or hex, and troublshooting data errors. Once the desired record has been found, Fast-EDY lets you edit it allowing you to add, change, and delete as needed.

Fast-EDY lets you create and modify CICS test data easily and you can transfer records from one file to another. You can even change the length of variable-length records.

Fast-EDY creates an audit trail of all data modifications performed by it. It comes with on-line help screens along with a detailed user guide document.

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