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Developer and distributor of FAST-EDY for IBM mainframe CICS systems


We have packaged the User Guide and software separately so that you can easily see how Fast-EDY works and quickly download the software to make use of it on your system.

The User Guide is sold separately to allow those interested in the product to see how it is documented and to answer the technical questions that programmers and database administrators often have of the capabilities of Fast-EDY. The User Guide will help your decision on purchasing Fast-EDY. It is an easy way to get the details of what Fast-EDY can do for you, and it gives you the ammunition you need to sell it to your boss.

The Fast-EDY User Guide is usually priced at $19.95, but is currently available as a free download.

The Fast-EDY software is downloadable and distributed in 8 files containing the source code of the COBOL and BMS programs. These files are then loaded into your IBM mainframe environment for compilation and execution. Due to the significant differences in IBM mainframe operating systems the source code will allow you to install Fast-EDY according to your system's requirements and standards.

By purchasing Fast-EDY, you are licensed to have the software's source code. You can utilize the source code as you see fit in other applications or programming projects. You will see that the Fast-EDY COBOL source code has some valuable routines that could be used elsewhere such as; converting character data to hexadecimal data and visa-versa, searching for character strings or hexadecimal strings of data, and special routines for CICS screen handling. We all copy code, it is an efficient and effective approach to programming. We make our Fast-EDY COBOL source code available to you.

The Fast-EDY software is priced at: $2,495.00

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