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You can add (or change) a business to the OGG Resources Business Index and Category Index simply by filling in the information boxes below and then clicking the "Submit Business" button at the bottom of the page. The business information will be reviewed and posted on the OGG Resources web page within 24 hours of submission.

Please note:
1. only oil, gas, or geothermal related businesses are accepted
2. separate OGG categories with a comma
3. enter a new OGG category if not listed in Category Index
4. no word limit on business description
5. submit as many business names as desired

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Category Index

Exploration & Drilling:

. Casing Crews
. Casing Tongs
. Cementing
. Completion
. Crane Service
. Drilling Consultants
. Drilling Bits
. Drilling Fluids
. Drilling Rigs
. Drilling Tools & Equip
. Engineering
. Experts (retired)
. Fishing
. Logging
. Machining
. Perforating
. Rental Equipment
. Safety Training & Support
. Transport Logistics
. Truck Transport
. Tubulars
. Welders
. Well Testing
. Wireline

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