French Country Antiques

Grandfather Clocks
l'Horloge de Grand-père

A french grandfather clock adds a sense of warmth and stability to any home. Their stately appearance and enchantingly friendly chimes become part of your home's personality.

France is the origin of the grandfather clock (or tall clock as they were also called) first made in the 1600s. Lily has discovered a few very old country grandfather clocks in the heart of France. These clocks were found in the area of south France where they were originally made and occupied local maisons, farm houses, and châteaux.

Each clock was made prior to 1900 and comes with a written history and documentation. Lily Bee has had all clocks inspected and authenticated by Monsieur Valéry, an expert in french clocks. Most of the clocks are signed by their maker, and all are in original and working condition. Each of these original, antique, rare pieces are awaiting a new home.

Here are some french country grandfather clocks recently found by Lily Bee:

à Caylux" Fonlès 1888 - SOLD

à Caylus" Martin Plaisance 1860 circa

à Villefranche" Andrieu 1860 circa

Bouquet de Fleur clock 1880 circa

Dance of the Harvest clock 1840 circa

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