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Grandfather Clocks

"Villefranche" Andrieu
1860 circa

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"Waken, lords and ladies gay,
On the mountain dawns the day;
All the jolly chase is here
With hawk and horse and hunting-spear!
Hounds are in their couple yelling!
Hawks are whistling, horns are knelling
Merrily, merrily mingle they,
Waken, lords and ladies gay

by Sir Walter Scott

During the winter of 2004 in the south of France...

This French Country Grandfather Clock was made in the Frank region of France, department of the Jura, Doubs, & High Saone (the department names in old, French documented writings). This clock was made and signed by Clockmaker, Monsieur Andrieu, in the mid 1800's and belonged to a family of Peasants living near the Bastide of Villefranche De Rouergue, wherein it was made. The white, enameled clock face has ornately designed, open work hands, with a Brass Fronton, a subtly gleaming, hunting hound being embraced by a cherub. The cherub’s two Companions hover above, gathering in the Harvest, among the fleur embellishments, framed in a ribboned scroll work design. The large pendulum swings, sounding bells of a tinkling, tinny sound, like that of an enchanted fairy, chiming on the heur (hour), one minute after, and on the half heur. The cabinet, is of Traditional old Fir. Grandfather comes with His own key.

Each of the Horloge grand Peres have been authenticated by Monsieur Valéry, an Expert in french Antique Clocks, who lovingly has polished the brass workings and wood casings, and has thoroughly inspected every clock offered, to be certain they are in excellent running order. The rich scent of beeswax enhances the ‘Days- Gone- By’ Essence of Grandfather.

This Original Antique Piece is presently housed in the ‘Heart of France’, awaiting a new Home, to bring Wonderment and warmth to His new Owners. Comes complete with His own Faery.


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