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Grandfather Clocks

"à Caylus" Martin Plaisance
1860 circa

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During the winter of 2004 in the south of France...

I was taken to an expert clock master's shop in a nearby country village. This 'Grandfather Clock' towered above me, painting a Magical Picture with His grandeur Form. I gazed upon His handsome Beauty. The quaintness of Grandfather immediately showered me with thoughts of childhood Delight, as He ticked away the Moments. In viewing the Earthy, Natural Scene, above His Wise Face, I seemed to find myself transported back to an earlier time, before I was born, to an Age when the Simplicity of living off the French soil was prevalent to the Way of a Farmer's Life…Living and Loving, strong Hands and Backs… Deeply invigorating. The pleasantness of a fragrance, more desirable than Gold, Richer than jewels, filled me with complete satisfaction, as the Scene took on a life of its own. Listening to the chime I likened to plucking a sweet Note from a musical box, clear and powerful was its tone, announcing the Passage of Time. I envisioned those Workers, depicted in the Field, also hearing the Clock's ringing, leaving their labours and going 'to table' to refresh their expended energies, dining on finest food only a French countrie pallet is able to fully enjoy. Immediate, was the familiar sense this exquisite clock gave to me, when first I was captured by His presence.

This French Country Grandfather Clock was made in the Frank region of France, departments of the Jura, Doubs & High Sâone (the department names in old documented, French writings). This Clock was made and signed by a Clockmaker of Caylus in the mid 19th century, and sold to a family of Peasants living in the vicinity of Caylus. The white, enameled clock face is graced by fancy openwork hands, with a Brass Fronton depicting laboureurs working the fields with cart and horse. The Traditional wood cabinet is of old Fir. The Pendulum Lyre, of brass and copper, moves to a deep sounding tick tock, keeping good time. Grandfather comes with his own key, and a strong, sounding chanson (bell) chiming on the heur (hour), and again, one minute past the heur, and on the half heur.

Each of the Horloge Grand Peres have been authenticated by Monsieur Valéry, an Expert in French Antique Clocks, who lovingly has polished the brass workings and wood casings, and has thoroughly inspected every clock offered, to be certain they are in excellent running order. The rich scent of beeswax enhances the' Days-Gone By' Essence of Grandfather.

This Original Antique Piece is presently housed in the 'Heart of France', awaiting a new Home, to bring Wonderment and Warmth to His new Owners. Comes complete with His own Faery.


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