From early childhood .... flowers, human faces, and fragrant hands have held mystery and fascination for me. I was constantly being chased for picking flowers, and even today I am still drawn to pick flowers I shouldn't. The faerie world was and is very real to me, motivating my wild imagination. Once I remember a seascape painting in my Great Grandmother's home that actually came to life in both sight and sound in the wee hours of the morning. Twas as tho sea salt perfume filled my nostrils while silver fog hung in the bedroom air.

In the summer of 1979 I dreamed a dream. In the dream, there were rainbow stained "mud" puddles along the street curb of my childhood home. I found myself wading in these fragrant, colour scented puddles, first ankle deep, then waist deep, at last reaching my chin. I was then submerged in these colour-filled puddles. Hence, watercolour is the medium by which I must share with others that which I am given. My hope is for those who look upon the works of my hands, to be filled with a sense of delight, joy, and wonder.