We have packaged our exquisite organic lavender florets into petit round tins and gave it the french name for lavender, which is "lavande."
Hence, Lily Bee Lavande is now available to you for your personal enjoyment.

The lavender bud (floret) is an attractive herb, besides its beauty and scent.
It has so many useful properties that include;
antioxidant, antidepressant, antiseptic, antibacterial, relaxant, and digestive.

We have also found it useful for;
refreshing the breath, indigestion, irritability, exhaustion, stress, tension and migrane headaches,
and as a cold virus preventative.

It is frequently used as a tea and as an enhancement to many food recipes.
Some people simply put a pinch directly in their mouth to get the direct benefit from the lavender buds.

1 oz. tin (actual size)

2 oz. tin (actual size)