Eifrid Systems

IT management, development, and consulting

Eifrid Systems provides Information Technology consulting to business and education.

Over thirty years of experience in private business and public education can assist your organization with simplifying the complex management issues that surround the field of Information Technology (aka; Computer Center, Data Processing (DP), Information Systems (IS), Information Management Services (IMS), Computer Network (LAN/WAN), Intranet, Internet, etc.).

Eifrid Systems' strengths are in project and people management, and business development in the Information Technology field. Information Technology (IT) is utilized in most business applications today. Management of these systems and the people that support them can be complex and also mysterious to top level management. Eifrid Systems is well aware of the obstacles and challenges that affect the success or failure of IT projects. We can help you find the problems and develop the solutions in accomplishing your IT objectives.

Eifrid Systems is centrally located in south-central California and northeast Indiana,
and can be reached at

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Experience in Business

Project, department, and division management.

Business application systems and software development.

Installation and implementation of systems and applications.

Experience in Education

School business applications analysis, installation, and implementation.

Student Information Systems analysis, installation, and implementation.

State and federal reporting of student and financial data.

Experience in Technology

Mainframe, mid-range, and office computer environments.

Development and analysis of Network, LAN/WAN, Intranet & Internet services.

IT department management and staff analysis and recommendations.

Eifrid Systems partners with the following leading IT support services:
CIO Solutions

Fast-EDY software for HP3000 and IBM mainframe

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