Eifrid Systems

management, development, and consulting

Experience in Business
Eifrid Systems has Information Technology management experience with small companies and large corporations, and fully understands the politics of the business environment.

Experience and skills in the following:

o Project, department, division management.
o Development and analysis of business applications and software.
o Installation and implementation of systems and applications.
o Finance, payroll, manufacturing, and inventory systems management.
o Oil, gas, and geothermal energy field tools and services.

Business clients:

Project Engineering - Davis Lynch, Bakersfield and Ventura, CA
Mission Linen Supplies, Santa Barbara, CA
Sambo's Restaurants Inc., Carpinteria, CA
Cooper National Computer Services, Carpinteria, CA
American Honda Motor Company Inc., Torrance, CA
Delco Systems (EDS), Goleta, CA
Santa Barbara County Administration Services, Santa Barbara, CA

Eifrid Systems is centrally located in south-central California and northeast Indiana,
and can be reached at
6 6 1 - 6 2 3 - 0 5 3 1

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