Eifrid Systems

management, development, and consulting

Experience in Education
Eifrid Systems has Information Technology management experience with both K-12 and higher education organizations, and fully understands the politics of the education environment.

Experience and skills in the following:

o School business applications analysis, installation, and implementation.
o Student Information Systems analysis, installation, and implementation.
o State and federal reporting of student and financial data.
o Project, program, and department management.

Education organization clients:

Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN
Indiana-Purdue University, Fort Wayne, IN
Santa Barbara County Education Office, Santa Barbara, CA
Juvenile Court and Community Schools of SBCEO, Santa Barbara, CA
K-12 school districts in Santa Barbara County, CA
Community Colleges in Santa Barbara County, CA
Region VIII of California County Offices of Education

Eifrid Systems is centrally located in south-central California and northeast Indiana,
and can be reached at
6 6 1 - 6 2 3 - 0 5 3 1

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