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Lily Bee French Country Antiques is a subsubsidary of Lily Bee Lavenders, which has lavender fields in both the USA and France. With Lily's frequent journeys to south France, she has located many beautiful and rare french country antiques. Lily acquires and keeps these fine pieces in France and makes them available to you through her web site. All antiques Lily acquires are prior to 1900 and are from the south country regions of France. These are very old pieces that are truly french and made with the elegant simplicity of the french country artisan/craftsman.

Here are the french country antiques that Lily has currently available:

French Country Grandfather Clocks


"They know the time to go!
The fairy clocks strike their inaudible hour
In field and woodland, and each punctual flower
Bows at the signal an obedient head
And hastes to bed.

Susan Coolidge

Thus with the passing of time…Finding myself surrounded by the Enchantment of the French Countrie 's green rolling hills, I entered an ancient village and came upon a Brocante Shoppe, filled with exquisite French antiques, each with a story to tell. I suppose one could say it was a pair of statues, 'Monsieur and Madame Harvesters', that led me to the French Country Grandfather Clocks housed in a very old building directly across the street. There they stood in splendour , spaced along a wall, in a room filled with very old trinkets and curiosities. Quite taken by surprise, this was the beginning of my Quest for the French Country Clock. I am predisposed to share these delightfully rare finds with you.

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