The Lily Bee Lavenders Story

1997 Santa Ynez, CA: First 50 experimental lavenders planted 1997. Here they are 1 year later.
1998 Santa Ynez, CA: Expannded lavender field.
1998 Santa Ynez, CA: Making room for more lavenders.
1999 Santa Ynez, CA: Adult first 50 looking good.
2001 Solvang, CA: Lavenders planted in corner of JK Vineyard.
2002 Solvang, CA: Lavenders prosper at JK Vineyard.
2000 Puylagarde, France: Purchased small farm in France. Here is Lily laying the guide line for our first lavenders in France.
2000 Puylagarde, France: First 13 lavenders planted at our french home. The small hamlet of Benac is in the background.
2001 Puylagarde, France: Laying out our expanded field in France.
2001 Puylagarde, France: Expanded field successfully planted.
2003 Cuyama Valley, CA: Purchased small ranch in Santa Barbara County.
2003 Cuyama Valley, CA: Getting ready to plant our test lavender field.
2003 Cuyama Valley, CA: Planting our Cuyama lavender field.
Harvest Times: Every available space is used to dry the harvested lavender crops.
Harvest Times: The fruits of our labors we make available to you.

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