1 oz. tin (this is not actual size)

Today, many places where weddings are held do not allow rice to be thrown due to the mess it makes and the effort needed to clean up afterwards. Our lavender florets solve that problem, however you may still need to convince the establishment of it.

Lavender florets are perfect to toss over the heads of the newly-weds. The florets are light, colorful, and fragrant. They don't sting if thrown too hard. The bride and groom will enjoy the smell of lavender in their hair throughout the remainder of the day and evening. The lavender that falls to the floor (or ground) is easy to sweep up, but can also be left. Lavender releases a wonderful fragrance when stepped upon, and it has a refreshing odour as if the floor had just been washed (lavender means to wash). Our florets are dried and will not leave a stain when stepped on. Lavender has no pollen and is non-allergic. Lavender is pest resistant and a pest repellent. It is very good for carpets. Its consistency does not change when wet, as does rice.

We have packaged our florets in a small attractive round tin and will print a custom label especially for your wedding. Just give us the preferred color and wording on the label, and you have both the lavender for your guests to christen you and your love, and a keepsake for your guests to remember your wedding day.

We think it is a romantic and beautiful wedding enhancement with a flower herb that is steeped in tradition. It has all the ingredients of a new American custom.