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Easy access to a workforce of experience.

Baby Boomer Personnel is a web site that allows employers to easily find experienced people available for hire on a contract basis.

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As the baby boomer generation goes into retirement, many of those people may want to make themselves available for short term projects in their field of experience. This wealth of experience is quite valuable to employers looking for skilled people that require little or no training to step into a position for a limited period of time. Baby Boomer Personnel is a place for experienced persons available on contract to post what they have to offer, and a place for employers to review the postings and make contact with those persons of which they are interested.

People wanting to make a personnel posting need to be able to show to a prospective employer that they can be hired as an Independent Contractor (or consultant). As a retired individual, this should be a simple thing to do, and may only require giving your social security number to the employer as your identification. However, every state has their own rules for conducting business as an Independent Contractor. Click here for more information.

There is absolutely no charge or obligation to use this web site for either the employer or contractor. When an employer offers work to a person contacted through Baby Boomer Personnel, then both the employer and the person hired may send a voluntary contribution to Baby Boomer Personnel for a successful use of the web site. The size of the contribution will be used to determine the future rating of the person, and also effects the placement of the personnel posting in the "Work Sector / Work Group" available personnel listing. To add a personnel posting to the Baby Boomer Personnel web site, click the "Add" link at top of page.

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