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This name will be displayed with your personnel posting for the Internet world to see. It is best to use a fictitious name (not your real name) for security purposes.

Click on the drop-down arrow and select the applicable Work Sector. Select *Remove This Post* to remove the post.

Enter the appropriate Work Group title. Examine the Work Sector pages for an applicable Work Group title. If one does not exist, enter a new Work Group title here.

Enter a brief one line work skills description.

Enter a description of your education and work experience, however do not post your full detailed resume here.

Enter your areas of interest including type and length of contract.

Enter where in the country or the world you are available for work, starting with most preferred. You can enter cities, counties, states, zip codes, countries, and continents.

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Enter the e-mail address you want us to use to notify you of all employer inquiries. You may want to get a free Google or Yahoo e-mail address to use for this purpose. This e-mail will not be displayed in your personnel posting, but is the e-mail address we will use to forward to you all employer inquires of your posting.

Enter how you found BBP (ie. Google, Yahoo,etc.). If a person referred you, enter something that will remind you of the person's name so that they can be given credit for the referral, when a contract is found.

Add a posting to Baby Boomer Personnel

You can add (or remove) a Baby Boomer Personnel posting simply by filling in the information boxes below and then clicking the "Submit" button at the bottom of the page. The personnel information will be reviewed and posted on the Baby Boomer Personnel web page within 24 hours of submission.

Please note:
1. only independent contract capable persons are accepted
(for help with this click on "Help" button at top of page)
2. enter only one work sector and one work group per posting
3. enter a new work group if not listed within the work sector
4. no word limit on person's experience description
5. submit a posting for each applicable work sector / work group
6. to view submitted post(s), click on "Check your Post(s)" at bottom


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The above e-mail address will not be displayed in your posting, but is needed for our system to relay to you all inquiries from potential employers looking for your talents. We DO NOT give your e-mail address to any inquirer of Baby Boomer Personnel postings, or anyone else for that matter.

You will be given the e-mail address of the inquirer. It is up to you to make contact with the inquirer for details of the type of work, pay rate, location, and duration of contract. It is your responsibility to validate and verify all offers of employment.

Referred by:


Frank the Chemist


Chemicals - Agricultural Chemicals

Ag chemist, 25 years, all compounds, team player

BS Chemistry UCLA, 15 years with Dow Chemical as Lab Chemist and new products researcher, 5 years with Petroleum Institute developing oil solvants, managed team of 8 identifying compounds in plastic.

Short or long term project work.

Indiana Ohio Michigan, Midwest, USA



Kathy's Hair Shack

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